Marketing, PR and Events Jobs Canada

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Thanks to Lana Montgomery for providing this insight into Marketing, PR and Events jobs in Canada.

Note: This article is written for Vancouver, British Columbia, but the advice is applicable to all provinces in Canada.

For those looking for work in the marketing, PR or events industries in Canada, here are several steps and useful hints that may help you land your dream job.

Informational Interview

As soon as you arrive — or better still, a week or two before you arrive — use Google, Linkedin and Vancouver business directories to come up with a list of companies in these or related fields.

Come up with a short, concise email that really sells your skill set and experience level. You don’t necessarily need to send your resume at this point.

Don’t go into too much detail but see if they would be willing to meet you for a coffee to discuss how the Vancouver [insert particular field of work] industry works.

Some people who own small businesses or know how hard the job market can be may be willing to help you out or at least provide knowledge on the market. This gives you a foot in the door to give them a call later that week following up on your email.

Keep in mind that they probably won’t have a position available at that exact time, but they may know someone who does or have something coming up in the future. Also note that the job hunt in Canada takes time, particularly in this field.

If you are on a working visa and you want to be up front about the duration of the visa dates it is a good idea to explain that you are able to extend this. Make it clear that you see your career developing in Canada. Companies are naturally wary about hiring you if you may need to leave in a few months.

Contact recruitment companies

There are not many recruiters in Vancouver that specialize in these fields, but Smart Savvy & Associates source workers, particularly people with multiple years of experience, for media, marketing and events roles.

Research temporary roles with good companies

Miles Employment Group, Angus One and Staff Finders offer temporary event positions.

You might be collecting tickets or ushering people into an event, but you may meet people who can help you find longer-term positions and it will look better on your resume to have some local events that you’ve worked on listed.

Contract or Freelance work

Even though it’s great to find a full-time position, keep the option of contract and freelance work in mind.

Email around to marketing and event companies and offer your services to them. Tell them what you are good at. Are you great at writing, event operations or press releases?

Who knows – they may have a major project that they could need help on for a few weeks and it could lead to something more permanent.

General advice

You can also save yourself time and money by getting your travel insurance (which is mandatory for IEC visas) and resume arranged early. See our guides for more:

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