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This article was updated more than 6 months ago. Some information may be outdated.

Moving2Canada Recruitment, the recruitment agency built around the Moving2Canada network, is this week rebranding as Outpost Recruitment, to reflect this growing focus on international candidates who have gained Canadian experience.

The global commodity bust has meant reduced opportunities for international workers with the Middle East, Australia, and Canada all feeling the impact of low resource prices.

As employer-sponsorship opportunities have disappeared with a tighter employment market in Canada, we’ve seen the recruitment side of our business focus more and more on candidates with local experience. will still be your place to go for tips, news, and guides throughout your Canadian adventure. For construction and engineering jobs, we’re excited to present Outpost Recruitment.

With four years of experience in Canadian markets, Outpost Recruitment is now very much established within the construction industry in Canada. Our clients include some of Canada’s leading tier-one contractors, engineering consultancies and a variety of subcontractors.

Outpost Recruitment focuses on placing construction and engineering professionals on civil, infrastructure and buildings projects across Canada.

Ruairi Spillane
Ruairi Spillane

Ruairi Spillane, who founded the successful immigration help website, has seen a growth in his recruitment business despite the slowdown in international hiring. Having built a relationship with international workers over the years, established immigrants often turn to him when looking for career progression in Canada.

“We have successfully tracked incoming talent from Ireland, the UK, the US and Australia and these workers tend to come back to us when they are growing their career in Canada,” he explained.

Ruairi believes that his niche offering, international talent with local experience, can hugely benefit the Canadian construction market.

“The Canadian construction industry is determined to innovate quickly, and we strongly believe that the huge influx of international talent in recent years is helping Canada keep up with international construction markets. They tend to overvalue local experience a little here and can be a little hesitant to hire candidates with solid international experience,” Ruairi says.

“It takes a year or two for international candidates to adapt and then they move up quickly.”

Outpost Recruitment builds on Moving2Canada’s strengths

Ruairi emigrated to Vancouver from Ireland in 2008. To help people following a similar path, he set up a free information resource,, which has attracted 2.8 million visits since launch in 2012.

He has expanded his business to help international workers navigate the economic downturn in parts of Canada and the changing construction and engineering industries. The Irish connection remains strong, however.

“Irish workers have built a strong brand in Canada, with many companies I work with coming to me specifically requesting an Irish candidate,” says Ruairi.

“A huge part of our business is referrals. We spend time with candidates to help them improve their resume to sell themselves better and explore their career interests. Many agencies nowadays are simply resume-pushers,” he added.

Utilizing the strong reputation he has with Canadian employers and global talent, Ruairi’s business has evolved from being focused on recruitment through immigration. He now has a strong network of valued international workers who have chosen to make Canada their home.

Ruairi sees strong long-term opportunities in Canada. Many candidates on the Outpost Recruitment books who initially opted for the Middle East or Australia are now eagerly watching Canada due to its relative proximity to Europe, family-oriented lifestyle and strong economic prospects.

“Australia has been very good to international workers, but thousands working on remote resource projects will have to move on”, he said.

With global uncertainty in 2016, he hopes that a potential LNG export infrastructure boom will see Canada absorb a large proportion of these workers.

Outpost Recruitment’s website is

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Ruairi Spillane

Founder & CEO - Finance & Recruitment Specialist
As the founder and CEO of Moving2Canada, Ruairi has been advising newcomers on how to immigrate, settle, and succeed in their new lives in Canada since 2011. He is a frequent contributor to discussions on Canadian immigration and has earned several recognitions for his expertise in the immigration space.
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