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After a polarizing election and looming economic uncertainty, many UK residents are looking to greener, colder pastures by moving to Canada.

This isn’t just a hunch. Web search trends show that searches for ‘move to Canada’ and similar terms shot up last Thursday evening as an exit poll signalled a landslide win for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, and we at Moving2Canada noticed a corresponding uptick in web traffic from the UK at the same time. While Johnson’s “get Brexit done” mantra won the day, many UK residents are now thinking “get emigration done” – and Canada is top of their list.

Fortunately for those aged 18 to 30, inclusive, the UK election took place just one day after the reopening of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, which includes the popular working holiday category.

IEC for Britons: Working holiday now open for 2020

The working holiday’s popularity stems mainly from the mixture of freedom it offers and the speed of the application process, as well as the potential pathways to a longer-term settlement in Canada.

  • Freedom: Unlike working holiday programs in many other countries, Canada does not restrict where you can work, or how long you can work for a single employer, or which industries you may work in. The IEC working holiday is an open work permit, and UK citizens are lucky to be able to live and work in Canada in any location, for any employer, for up to 24 months.
  • Speed: Other Canadian immigration programs can take months or even years to navigate. For IEC, you can count on your fingers the number of weeks it all takes.
  • Settlement: If you decide Canada is where you want to call home, a year of skilled work experience here places you near the head of the line when it comes to priority for permanent resident status in Canada.

But (there’s always a but, eh?) UK citizens should be aware that there’s a quota for this program. Though the UK quota has yet to be determined for 2020, in previous years interest has outstripped the supply of work permits, leading to disappointment among some people who struggle to make their Canadian dream a reality.

The best way to increase your chances of getting this move done quickly is to tell the government of Canada you want to move to this amazing country as soon as possible, thereby increasing your chances of being invited to submit a work permit application. But, how do you do that, and what about all the other steps that come after?

The solution: Moving2Canada GO

Last week we launched Moving2Canada GO with the dedicated goal of helping the growing IEC community organise their move to Canada and settle into life in new surroundings.

Moving2Canada GO provides a full checklist of your most important tasks, depending on where you are in the process and what you want to achieve. The tasks in this free tool are laid out in a clear way that is easy to understand, giving you a better chance of moving to Canada quickly with minimum stress, all while learning more about your destination.

The tool is built on the insights and experience we have gathered over seven years at Moving2Canada, both as working holidaymakers who stayed permanently ourselves and through countless interviews and interactions with the IEC community. We are confident that many UK citizens will use Moving2Canada GO as their go-to resource for organising their move to Canada (in fact, many of you have already signed up and ticked off some key early tasks within the first few days – well done!).

To begin your IEC journey to Canada, create your free Moving2Canada GO account here.

31 or older? Don’t worry, we can help you too

If you’re 31 or older and think Canada is closed because of your age, think again. Though the personal progress checklist feature of Moving2Canada GO is currently only available for the IEC program, you can still complete the short form and be directed from there to the relevant resources in our Account section.

Complete your Moving2Canada Profile for goodies and free resources to help you identify the best immigration route for you and secure a great job in Canada. Depending on your work experience and goals we may be able to hook you up with one of our recruitment partners, constantly on the lookout for international talent.

Head on over to Moving2Canada GO to get started.

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