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Jonas Raux

Canadian Immigration & Integration Writer

As one of our content marketers, Jonas brings over 7 years of digital marketing and firsthand Canadian immigration experience to the M2C organization. His student journey, which took him from France to Canada and then the Netherlands, ended with a Bachelor of Science degree in international business, with a special focus on Marketing and Management.

With over seven years in digital marketing in both agencies and in-house, specializing in SEO, content, and brand marketing, Jonas’ work has helped hundreds of websites boost their online presence and traffic. Before joining Moving2Canada, he also worked in the job board and recruitment industry, conducting studies on job seekers’ behaviours throughout the world and publishing his insights across major media outlets in Canada, the US, France, and the UK. His work on job market trends shows his understanding of today’s employment landscape.

Jonas’ natural eagerness to share Canada’s beauties and opportunities with his friends and family back home turned now into his professional mission to help newcomers settle confidently in the country that adopted him.

Jonas’ immigration journey:

Jonas’ path to Canada wasn’t straightforward as he moved to the country from France not once, but twice, each under different permits. The first time was in 2014 with a student visa, which was followed by an IEC international Co-op permit later in 2015. He moved back to Europe before coming back to Montreal, QC with an IEC working holiday visa. After obtaining his Québec Selection Certificate followed by his Canadian permanent residency, Jonas is now on his way to becoming a Canadian citizen, proving his knowledge and experience in navigating the Canadian immigration system.

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