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Share your Canadian experience with thousands.

Moving2Canada, an online network by immigrants for immigrants, is on the lookout for contributors.

Why produce your content with us? We provide impartial information and advice to help newcomers move to Canada, settle, find work, and succeed. Launched in October 2012, Moving2Canada now reaches over 300,000 people every month on the site alone, plus around the same number again via social media channels and email. We’re thirsty for information, and we love to keep adding original content that will benefit our community. We host articles, videos, photos, infographics — whatever medium you feel best tells your story.

What we’re looking for is simple. We want inquisitive, ambitious people with a passion for Canada who want their story told. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

Maybe you just got a great new job and your career is taking off in Canada, or perhaps you were on the lookout for work but found it tough. It could be that you moved over with children and want to talk about what it’s like to raise a young family in Canada. How about the differences between Canada and home, wherever home might be? How did you make your transition?

Whatever your story, we offer a creative outlet for you to get in touch with the world. If you enjoy photography or making short videos, all the better.

Our focus is primarily on immigration, employment, and life in Canada. For written content, we aim to have blogs of between 600-800 words, though this is flexible, particularly if you want to incorporate more visual and video elements.

So what are you waiting for? Have your Canadian adventure read by thousands of like-minded people from across the world!

Do you live in one of these communities?

Moving2Canada is looking for contributors with experience living in these communities.

Are you based in one of these locations?

In particular, we are looking for newcomers with key insights to share about their new home in Canada. What attracts newcomers to your community in Canada? What obstacles may need to be overcome? Which helpful organizations and institutions help along the way? Where is a great place to meet friends for a coffee or to eat? How can children settle comfortably in their new surroundings?

How to Submit

Please send your idea to [email protected] — we will then review it and ensure it fits our guidelines.

Sending a short summary of your idea (even just a couple of sentences), and introducing yourself is preferable to sending complete articles.

Key Guidelines

Moving2Canada is a network of thousands of people that all wish to succeed in Canada. Success can be measured by quality of life, ease of integration, career growth, or anything else.

1. All content must be original. We encourage you to provide your own insight into an interesting topic. Duplicate content from an existing publication (blogs, website, etc.) will not be accepted.

2. Promotion for the guest contributor. All guest content may be accompanied with a short bio. We allow 1-2 links to the contributor’s website, blog or other branded online destination within the bio. A headshot may also be published.

3. Avoid selling. Subtle promotion for useful products or services is acceptable, but we’re not interested in blatant advertising.

4. Use of images or videos is highly recommended. We offer a creative outlet for you to get in touch with the world. If you enjoy photography or making short videos – or you wish to collaborate with someone who does – that’s great! We can provide credit to the relevant parties provided we have their permission to use the content.

5. Article should be under 1,000 words. We recommend 600-800 words.

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