Healthcare in Canada

Healthcare in Canada

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There is an excellent system of public healthcare in Canada, so don’t forget to apply for health cover once you find employment.

If you haven’t registered with a family doctor but need the services of one, you can use a walk-in clinic free of charge, provided you are registered in the provincial health system. This can take some time, so it’s important to ensure you have private health cover for when you arrive.


Click here for information on the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

You can also find details of how it all works on the Brown Bear Travels blog.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Medical Service Plan (MSP) card entitles you to healthcare, provided you have a visa valid for more than six months and work more than 18 hours per week. It costs $60 per month but employers will often pay this fee if you are a full-time employee.

More detailed information is available from the Marmite to Maple Blog.

If you do not have MSP but need to see a doctor, here are some options:

  • If are 24 or younger, you can go to Pine Clinic for free consultancy and prescriptions.
  • If your older than 24 they will still see you in the Pine Clinic in Kits before 12 p.m. You still pay for prescriptions, but generally antibiotics are under $30, so still cheaper than paying the $150 excess fee.

The following service providers have been recommend by network members. Please use the comment sections below to provide positive or negative feedback or recommend additional services.

  • Carepoint Medical Services (locations throughout Vancouver)
  • Dr Dorian Morris, Seymour Health Centre, 1530 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver. T: (604) 738-2151.

Use this link to search for a family doctor in your area.


When you arrive in Alberta, you have three months to apply for an Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP) card.


Click here for information on Saskatchewan Healthcare Benefits.

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