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Focus On: Careers in Canada


Ever heard of the hidden jobs market? Networking in Canada will help you get out and make the contacts you need to achieve your potential in Canada.


Finding employment in Canada is crucial to your happiness. We provide guidance on how to go about finding a job in your new surroundings.


Learn how to write a Canadian resume. This is the secret to impressing employers and getting an interview for that dream position.

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playoff hockey, Vancouver

Playoff hockey is here and they're a galaxy away from anything Europeans are familiar with. Some tips for surviving your first playoff season in Canada.

IEC Visa 2015

A walk-through of the IEC Visa 2015 (International Experience Canada) stage 2 steps including check lists, required documents and what to do with PDF errors


Immigration Canada announce a shock freeze on IEC Working Holiday Visa program and impose May 2015 deadline for activating outstanding visas.


Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Overview of working holiday programs for Canada including information on how to apply for the IEC working holiday visa in Canada.

Focus On: Living in Canada


Information on where to live in Toronto with an overview of the best places to live in Toronto. Resource to help with immigration to Canada.


Information on where to live in Vancouver, with an overview of the best places to live. Identify the best neighbourhoods to suit your needs.


Information on where to live in Calgary with an overview of the best places to live. Find out about Calgary's quarters and discover more about the city.

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