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Boost your odds of landing your dream job using our Canadianized resume template.

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Tailored microlearning about Express Entry, study permits, health care, and more.

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What our users say

  • The checklist! It’s amazing and the whole site is so much more helpful than I was expecting it to be. I’m going to use it through the whole process 🙂

    Raj (United States)
  • Genuinely every part of this site I have found so helpful, especially the checklist of things to do! But all the little things as well such as how to set up your phone and bank accounts.

    Kate (New Zealand)
  • The checklist is really useful, thank you so much for providing it!

    Hana (India)
  • Great format. Easy to use. I love the step by step nature of this service. So many resources. Very informative.

    Raven (Australia)
  • It’s perfect — excellent website navigation, clear and easy to use.

    Jodi (Ireland)