For the week of Apr 20-26

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Apr 22 - Effective April 30, 2024, new registrations received on the same day as a draw will be considered for future draws. Invitations will only be sent to qualified registrants received before the date of the draw.

Apr 23 - invited 45 to apply in a tech draw, and 46 candidates in targeted draws for childcare, construction, healthcare, and veterinary care occupations.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Apr 23 - invited 209 in a Job Offer Foreign Worker: Skilled trades occupations draw and 2 in the Job Offer Foreign Worker: Economic Mobility Pathways project stream.

Quebec Immigration

Apr 23 (invitations issued on Apr 11) - invited 1,036 individuals to apply in two targeted draws, one for certain skilled trades workers with a score of 536 or higher and a language proficiency of level 7 or higher; and a job offer outside of Montreal round for individuals working in certain occupations with a score of 606 and a language proficiency of level 7  or higher.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Apr 23 - Temporary processing measures for Ukrainian nationals will end April 30, 2024. From May 1 onwards, applications and requests for post-decision services will not receive priority processing, incomplete applications will no longer be accepted, and application fees will no longer be reimbursed.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Apr 24 - invited 203 candidates in the Skilled Worker with post-secondary education in Manitoba stream and a score of at least 811, 66 in the International Student stream, and 58 in the Skilled Worker Overseas stream with a minimum score of 644.