How to Improve Your CRS Score for Express Entry

Express entry  is competitive

Getting an invitation for permanent residency through Express Entry is like playing a game of chess. You need to make smart moves, like improving your language skills or gaining more work experience, to increase your points.

It all starts with your crs score

Here's a quick guide to effectively increasing points to boost your score 


Higher education levels earn  more points, especially if obtained in Canada. Education is worth  150 points in its own right, and up to 50 more in combination with Canadian work experience  and/or language ability.

1. Education

Gain extra Express Entry points by mastering Canada's official languages, English and French. 

2. Second language

Earn a maximum of 260 points for language proficiency as a single applicant or up to 270 points with a spouse or common-law partner. This includes points for proficiency in both English and French.

2. Second language

Earn a maximum of 50 points for foreign work experience under the skill transferability factors. Canadian experience scores higher, with points increasing at various experience thresholds. 

3. Work experience

Certain in-demand job experiences can also lead to quicker invitations through category-based draws, addressing Canada's labor  market needs.

3. Work experience

Securing a provincial nomination through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) grants you an additional 600 points in your  CRS score.

4. Provincial Nomination

Provinces have used Express Entry-aligned PNPs to target specific sectors like IT in Ontario and diverse occupations in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, without needing a job offer. British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba have also introduced new streams, actively issuing nominations.

4. Provincial Nomination

Looking to enhance your CRS score for Express Entry?