Student accommodation  in Canada


Start looking for places to stay at least three months before you plan to arrive in Canada. University, college, or big city housing can be competitive, so getting a head start increases your chances of finding a good fit.

Start early


Find out if your school has on-campus accommodation or homestay programs with families. Take note, spots may be limited, so get in touch with the International Student Department for options within your timeline and budget.

On-Campus Housing


Off-campus living gives you more freedom and might be cheaper than on-campus housing. Use sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace to find listings,  but watch out for scams.

Off-Campus Housing


If it's hard to find long-term housing, think about short-term options like Airbnb, hostels, or hotels while you keep looking.

Short-term rentals


You might want to look into shared accommodation to save money. There are many groups online for connecting with fellow students seeking roommates. Talk about expectations before committing to avoid problems in the future.

Find a roommate

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