5 ways to stay in Canada after your Working Holiday Visa

Picture this: You're in Canada on an IEC Working Holiday Visa and you’re enjoying your time traveling and working in Canada.

But your work permit is about to expire, and you’re unsure how to extend your stay.

Let’s explore the available options to help you stay in Canada longer →

Apply for a second iec work permit


Depending on your country of citizenship, you might be allowed to participate in the IEC twice.

Apply for a different work permit


If you have special skills or training, you might be able to stay in Canada by obtaining a new work permit.

extend your stay as a visitor


You can apply to change your status from a worker to a visitor. But take note: once you extend your stay as a visitor, you can no longer work in Canada. 

Apply for permanent residence in canada


If you've gained significant skilled work experience in and outside of Canada, have post-secondary education, or proficiency in English or French, you might qualify for economic immigration pathways.

Apply for a study permit in canada


If you've saved up funds from your time working on your Working Holiday Visa consider immersing yourself in Canada's education system.


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