How French can help you immigrate to Canada

French is one of Canada's official languages, deeply embedded in its heritage.

Enhanced Job Prospects

Bilingual skills enhance employability in government and private sectors.


Education Opportunities

High demand for French teachers in immersion schools.


Cultural Integration

Connect with Canada's Francophone community, enhancing personal and professional relationships.


Canada offers a number of facilitated measures to attract French-speaking immigrants.

extra points for express entry

Get up to 50 CRS points for having strong French language skills—even if French is not your  first language.

french category-based draws

Canada conducts separate Express Entry draws for candidates with NCLC 7 in French, featuring lower CRS cutoffs.

quebec immigration programs

Quebec offers unique immigration programs for French speakers, such as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Quebec Experience Program.

provincial nomination programs

French speakers can qualify for tailored Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) across Canada, such as New Brunswick's Strategic Initiative Stream and Ontario's French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream.

francophone mobility program

The Francophone Mobility Program facilitates the hiring of foreign French speakers by Canadian employers outside Quebec, exempting them from the Labour Market Impact Assessment process.

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