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Study in Canada: College Application Essay Tips

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Once you have chosen where you want to study in Canada, the next step is the application process.

There are certain requirements and processes that you will have to deal with, and most importantly, you’ll have to write a killer application essay.

The application process to study in Canada

Contact the college/university you want to go to and ask them details about the application process. Most of the times, they will have a prepared kit that’s going to help you with information such as:

  • Tuition fees
  • Cost for applying
  • The prices of rent and lifestyle in Canada
  • Any required language tests
  • Information regarding the application essay

Find and fill out the application from your chosen school, and use the instructions provided to submit it. You’ll have to wait for a letter of acceptance that will allow you to apply for a study permit.

But in order to make an awesome impression and raise your chances of being approved, your application essay has to be extremely good. Simply put, your application essay represents more than half of the importance when it comes to the whole admission process.

1. Understand What They’re Looking For

You must do your homework and find out the psychology behind the way admission officers react when dealing with applications. There are few key elements that can make you their perfect candidate.

If you look like you’re about to succeed no matter what once you’re admitted, this will be a huge plus. Also, you should be a profitable investment and contribution to the college’s society.

2. Determine the Goals of Your Essay

Study in Canada

After a higher rank reads your application, you will leave the first impression on the table. You must be very careful what you leave behind. How do you want to be perceived by the school board? What can you say more about yourself that could lead to a better characterization of your aptitudes?

It’s important that you write your essay while still staying focused on your desired end-result effect.

3. Show Your Language Usage Skills

Even though it’s not always recommended to use fancy words during essays, in this case it may just work fine. You need to prove the reader of your essay that you can truly speak using proper language and words. Your expression and diction should be real good.

You should also not allow mistakes during your essay. Here’s an awesome website called Grammar Monster that lets you check your grammar problems and learn more on how to stop making those mistakes.

4. Proofread Your Essay

You might think that your essay has no grammar or punctuation mistakes, but even professional writers make mistakes from time to time. I really believe that allowing a professional essay writing service to proofread your writing is a good investment.

EduGeeksClub offers a variety of services such as editing, proofreading, writing and more others.

By letting a proofread expert take a look at your application essay, you are really improving your chances of being approved.

5. Specific Details Matter

Your essay should be extremely on subject and specific. You never want to bore the person who’s reading it, so extra information should always be left out.

If you talk about a specific experience from your past, make it as small and efficiently told as you can.

If you want to see some examples and learn more about how you can improve your essay, I’d suggest checking out Shmoop: College 101, where you’ll find specific examples and helpful recommendations on application essay writing.

6. Out of the Box Thinking

In a society where everyone copy pastes things, you’ll be much appreciated if you can prove to be “different”. In order to be different, you need to start thinking out of the box.

Your essay should also contain out of the box ideas and experiences. If you can show them you are special, you will be perceived differently; of course, in a better way.

7. Don’t Miss Deadlines

Each and every school where you can study in Canada has different rules and deadlines. By missing deadlines you are committing one of the biggest mistakes.

You’re risking your chances of being approved because they either stop checking late submissions, or you’ll be perceived as a student who lacks discipline. Either way, it’s not a good way to self-display.


If you want to study in Canada, the admission process is quite easy and straightforward compared to the US. But that doesn’t really mean that it’s easier to be approved as a student. You need to take care of the way you create your overall submission.

Also, as discussed, your essay should “shine” in order for you to get noticed and actually taken into consideration.

Karen Dikson is a college instructor and creative writer. She is a regular contributor on several educational resources, including Huffington Post. She loves to help her students succeed and cannot imagine her life without traveling. Connect with Karen on Twitter.

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