Shipping to Canada? Here's how to do it.

Shipping to Canada? Here’s how to do it.

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing which items you’ll bring with you to your new country. Whether you’re arranging a small or large load, here’s how you can arrange your shipping to Canada.

Canada’s popularity as a destination for immigration was highlighted in November 2016 when their official immigration website crashed as Donald Trump was announced American President.

Whilst the majority of those seeking to leave were Americans, Canada is historically a popular destination for Brits too. Official figures show that in 2013, 11,000 British citizens moved to Canada.

With strong links to the UK, it was colonized by the British and the French in the 15th century. Canada is a bilingual country, enjoyed for the great outdoors, breath-taking scenery and the friendliness of its citizens. Popular destinations include Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

If you are thinking of moving to Canada, you’ll need to explore the immigration options, which can be found here. One such possibility is through the Express Entry application system which chooses skilled immigrants as permanent residents based on their ability to work in Canada and take part in the economy.

Once you have the go-ahead for your move you’ll need to secure a quote from an international removal company who can arrange your shipping to Canada, such as PSS International Removals. We initially offer a no-obligation quote to remove some, or all of your belongings to Canada. We recommend you speak to us three to six months prior to your move, but understand this may not always be possible.

Once the quote is agreed you’ll be assigned a ‘Move Manager’ who’ll be there to answer all your queries. Questions you’ll need to ask yourself at this stage are whether you want a full or part household removal, as well as if you’re wanting to pack your own goods or leave it to the experts. If you are doing the latter we’ll deliver the appropriate wrapping and boxes to your door, and give you a date for collection.

If you choose to have our team pack your belongings, we’ll wait for a confirmed moving date. When the day arrives our staff will carefully survey your property and provide an inventory of everything you’re shipping to Canada. We are able to prepare all the relevant international paperwork as well as let you know if any of your belongings are restricted by customs.

If you have chosen a full household removal, your packing crates will be loaded into a container at your address. If it is a part household move the goods will be packed into a lorry and transported to our depot, whereby they’ll be placed within a sea container.

For personal belongings, the transit time for shipping to Canada between removal in the UK and arrival at your new home will be approximately 2-5 weeks for full container shipments, and 5-8 weeks for part load shipments.

We can offer a door to door service in the majority of cases but this will be dependent upon your new address. Please check with us.

Shipping to Canada

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