Moving to Canada from Australia

Moving to Canada from Australia? Here’s why it’s a good idea.

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Many Irish and British emigrants Down Under are researching ways of moving to Canada from Australia. Here are 6 reasons why we think it’s a good idea.

Australia has absorbed tens of thousands of Irish and British emigrants in recent years, but the past year has seen something of a turning point.

Australia, like Canada, is a resource rich-country but Australia has struggled in recent years due to its reliance on natural resources and its close trading ties with Asia.

The economy in Western Australia is tightening. Many mega oil and gas projects have finished their construction phases and thousands of jobs are continuing to be lost as a result.

British and Irish expats enjoying the change of lifestyle remain cautious about returning home. For Irish expats, confidence in the economy outside Dublin remains low, and there’s a growing sentiment that life for returning emigrants is expensive and unnecessarily complicated. For British expats, uncertainty continues as the fallout from the Brexit referendum continues to play out.

Here’s why moving to Canada from Australia could be the right move for you.


While Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton) and Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina) feel the impact of low global commodity prices, it’s business as usual in the bustling provinces of British Columbia and Ontario , where Vancouver and Toronto are the most popular destinations. Quebec is also surging, with huge job gains recently.

Increased funding in infrastructure projects will see strong employment prospects across the country over the next two or three years.

“It’s still safe to say that Vancouver is the strongest labour market in the country, with employment surging by 6.3pc year-on-year. The jobless rate has hit a seven and a half year low of 5.2pc,” Robert Kavcic, Senior Economist with BMO Capital Markets, explains.

Irish and British people, who relocated in recent years, are highly regarded in Canada as hard workers. They have blazed a trail for any compatriots interested in moving to Canada from Australia.


Tell anyone that you’re moving to Canada, and you’ll likely be greeted with this question: “Will it be very cold over there?”

If you want cold weather, you can certainly find it in cities like Edmonton during the winter, but Canada has mild locations too.

Vancouver’s climate is very hospitable for those used to the weather in Britain and Ireland. A typical day in July is 22°C, while in January it’s around 6°C. Toronto will have occasional extremes (like anywhere else in the world), but average January highs are around -1°C. Like Vancouver, its climate is similar to the UK and Ireland.

So Canada’s reputation for cold weather isn’t universally true. Remember: Canada is a huge country, which spans six time zones, so its weather varies wildly. Think of it in a European context: just because it’s -20°C in St Petersburg, doesn’t mean it’s -20°C in London!

It means you get a full breadth of four distinct seasons no matter where you travel. It may even provide some respite for those who struggle to cope in the higher temperatures Australia offers.

Closer to Home

Canada’s major cities are easily accessible from airports in the UK and Ireland with direct flights from locations such as Manchester, Glasgow, London and Dublin to Toronto and Vancouver.

Non-stop flights are on offer, year-round, between Toronto, and Dublin and London. Flight itineraries are typically around six hours.

You can also fly non-stop between Vancouver and London throughout the year in about nine hours.

The time difference is also more favourable for those moving to Canada from Australia. Toronto is just five hours behind Ireland and the UK, while Vancouver is eight hours behind.

Active lifestyle

With a nice climate, excellent public services, and beautiful scenery to accompany your run, many newcomers report that they find themselves more likely to stay fit in Canada than they did at home.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Jane O’Hara, who moved from Dublin to Vancouver, told us:

“It seems easier to live a healthy lifestyle. The great outdoors is just on your doorstep and people take advantage of it on a daily basis – walking on the beach, running or cycling on the seawall, taking public transit to the nearby mountains, where you can also go hiking or snowshoeing.”

It’s little wonder that Vancouver has one of the lowest obesity rates in North America.

And if you’re moving to Canada from Australia and want to mix things up, there are other options too. Take a look at these quirky ways for staying fit in Toronto,

Ease of visas

Depending on your age, you may be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa under the International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative. This will give you an open work permit, allowing you to do almost any job, for up to two years.

British applicants need to be aged 30 or under, while Irish applicants need to be 35 or under. Read our Working Holiday Visa in Canada guide to find out how to apply.

These IEC visas provide a gateway to permanent residency. You can use the Canadian work experience you’ve gained to acquire bonus points in your application.

But if you’re not eligible under the IEC initiative, or if you’d simply prefer to be moving to Canada from Australia as a permanent resident, you can do so once you meet the requirements.

For more details, see:

Oil & Gas opportunities

Although global energy price declines have slowed down Canada’s oil and gas projects, there are lots of ongoing opportunities in the sector.

Canada expects to move forward with 2-3 LNG export facilities and associated pipelines in the next 2-3 years which will mean a huge demand for construction workers.

The decline of oil in Alberta is expected to turn in 2017 as global oil prices stabilize again.

Moving to Canada from Australia? We’re here to help

Moving2Canada actively targets Irish and British citizens who want to move to Canada. Our company was founded by Ruairi Spillane, who himself relocated from Ireland to Vancouver. He has delivered seminars in Perth, and understands the challenges of moving to Canada from Australia.

We’ve created a free, downloadable magazine which can help you explore your options. Simply fill out your details on this page, and we’ll email you your Getting Started Guide.

If you’re looking for jobs in construction and engineering, check out our Outpost Recruitment agency. It helps connect local and international talent with great companies across Canada.

And if you have any questions, you can join our active Facebook groups. You’ll be able to ask questions and learn from the experiences of the thousands of newcomers who have already made their move. Find our groups below:

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