What to expect from life in Canada

What to expect from life in Canada

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Like every country, Canada has experiences and customs that are uniquely theirs. Find out what to expect from your new life in Canada, from this article by PSS International Removals.

Canada is the second largest country on earth. It has three ocean borders and is home to a vast array of different landscapes, from mountain ridges to arctic tundras. With four distinct seasons the summers can be warm with temperatures around 20-30°C, while the winters will see it dipping below freezing with snow common, almost everywhere.

Canada has over 39 million inhabitants spread out over its 10 provinces, and three territories. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and is located on the Ottawa River between Ontario and Quebec.

As a vast country, your life in Canada will be determined by where you choose to live, as lifestyle, weather, and career opportunities vary from one destination to the next. Popular choices for expats moving to Canada include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, as well as world-class ski resorts, such as Calgary and Whistler.

A variety of languages are spoken in Canada. The province of Quebec has its own capital – Quebec City – and is predominantly French-speaking. It won’t be French as you know it however, but French Canadian, which sounds slightly different to the language you may have been taught at school.

The Canuck language itself will also have variations in meaning which you’ll need to get your head around: ‘noodles’ means pasta; a ‘mickey’ is a flask-sized bottle of liquor; a ‘pop’ is a fizzy drink; a ‘klick’ refers to kilometres and ‘keener’ is someone who is overly enthusiastic. Canuck is not considered a derogatory term in Canada – and their ice hockey team the Vancouver Canucks are among the best in the country.

Looking for a house in Canada will be a familiar procedure but you’ll need to provide proof of your credit and work history. Remember though your previous credit history may not be valid in Canada, and you’ll have to start from scratch. Get yourself a good mortgage broker and a trustworthy estate agent. More information about this can be found contacting by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The cost of housing varies and is unsurprisingly higher in the big cities. In Vancouver the average house price is around C$1 million (around £600,000), while in Montreal it’s C$350,000 (around £210,000).

How much you can earn varies between the different provinces. As is the same around much of the world salaries are pretty stagnant and life in Canada is no different.

In reports published last year, Canadian employees made C$952 (£570) a week. The Northwest Territories has the highest yearly average salary, at $73,221 (£44,100).

The good news is that if you’re a UK resident you can continue to get a state pension, although you will not get annual increases in benefit once you have ceased to be resident in the UK. This means your benefit will stay at the same rate as when you left the UK.

Shipping to Canada

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