How to move to Canada from the UK

Brexit: How to move to Canada from the UK

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With Brexit now a reality, there’s been a surge of interest among people wondering how to move to Canada from the UK.

In the 24 hours after the result, Moving2Canada had a spike in traffic, and almost half of our visits came from the UK alone.

So for those of you wondering, here’s how you can do it.

International Experience Canada (IEC).

Each year, up to 65,000 people aged between 18 and 35 come to Canada on two-year working holiday visas. They’re handed out as part of the International Experience Canada initiative. Some 5,000 people move to Canada from the UK each year on these visas.

Anyone meeting the eligibility criteria can express an interest in receiving a visa. At random intervals, some are selected to formally apply, and have two weeks to submit the paperwork.

The application process for this year actually began in November 2015. There are currently just five of these visas left for 2016, so you may have to wait until the winter before you can apply.

The Moving2Canada Facebook page, and our newsletters will let you know when the application process for 2017 begins.

To get prepared, see our Working Holiday Visa in Canada guide.

Permanent Residency.

Each year, Canada welcomes between 6,000 and 9,000 new permanent residents from the UK. The eligibility requirements for this are a good deal stricter than the IEC process. However, it’s a longer-term solution and may be suitable for you if you wish to move to Canada from the UK.

The Express Entry system is becoming the main source for permanent residents looking to enter via economic programs (i.e., not through family or refugee programs).

In a nutshell, your level of education, work experience, and language ability are all assessed. You’re then given a score out of 1,200. If you have an employment offer that has been recognized as meeting a shortage in Canada’s labour needs, then you get 600 points right away. See our guide to getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Without an LMIA, the maximum you can receive is 600 of the 1,200 points. Currently, you’ll be selected to apply if you have above 480-490 points, so it’s still possible if you have the right mix of experience. Our Express Entry Draw article has the latest figures.

Read our Express Entry Canada guide for full details.

More questions on how to move to Canada from the UK?

Moving2Canada actively targets people wanting to move to Canada from the UK, and we’ve created a free, downloadable magazine which can help you.

Simply fill out your details on this page, and we’ll email you your Getting Started Guide.

And if you’re looking for jobs in construction and engineering, don’t forget to check out our Outpost Recruitment agency, which helps connect local and international talent with great companies across Canada.

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