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Moving2Canada is delighted to be associated with partners who, in their own way, help people achieve success in Canada.

We vouch for these organisations because they have a proven track record in delivering results and customer satisfaction.

● Car-sharing
● Banking & Currency exchange
● Travel Insurance



We’ve teamed up with Car2Go to promote their offering as the best car-share service in Vancouver and Calgary.

Members enjoy excellent rates, and the freedom to travel around their new surroundings without the expense of owning a car. We’re helping them market to newcomers.


Currency Fair

You can use CurrencyFair to transfer from your local bank to a Canadian bank. The next best alternative is a wire transfer through your bank, but CurrencyFair provides more affordable options.

They’re highly recommended for transferring money internationally.


TaxBackWe’re delighted to partner with Taxback, which offers free estimates, free online accounts, a hassle-free process, and refunds are deposited into any account worldwide.

Taxback maximize refunds for international workers, and their average refund in Canada is CAD$904.

If you are from Ireland or the UK, they can also help you file your taxes at home too. Click here to get started, and find out how much you could receive!


Travel Insurance Partners

Travel insurance is obligatory for IEC visas, and highly recommended for other immigration programs. We supply a list of our travel insurance partners on this page. Some of our recommended providers include:

World Nomads


World Nomads is one of our recommended providers for a number of reasons. They allow for 18-month policies, with extensions possible under certain conditions (this is very useful for IEC visa participants). Additionally, they cover you while you are out of Canada and cover financial failure, such as an airline going into liquidation. Basic sports cover comes as standard, with add-ons available.

True Traveller


True Traveller is the vendor of choice for a huge number of temporary workers in Canada. They offer very affordable prices for a wide-range of custom-made policies. Winter sports are available as an add-on to the standard quote.

If you would like to discuss affiliate programs or advertising options with Moving2Canada, please visit our Advertising page or email

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