Save money in Canada

Here are all the ways you can save money in Canada with Moving2Canada

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Save money in Canada with our series of guides and partner offers.

There’s no doubt about it – moving to Canada can be an expensive process.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with lots of different companies to bring you special offers, discounts, and great value, so the Moving2Canada community can save money in Canada.

Check out these links – your wallet will thank you for it!

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not just prudent – if you’re on an IEC visa, then you’re obliged to buy it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. We’ve listed a number of companies where you’ll find the best value, and we’ve included options for lots of countries.

Read our Travel Insurance For Canada guide.

Sending money to / from Canada

The traditional way to do this is by going through your bank. But did you know that they will give you an unfavourable exchange rate, and also add-on administration costs?

There are cheaper ways to go that are just as safe. And if you go through the links in our guide on Moving2Canada, you’ll get your first transfer for free, so you can try it out with no costs.

Read our International Money Transfer guide to get your free transfer.


If you’re used to free banking, it may come as a shock that banks in Canada usually have monthly fees associated with their chequing accounts (known as ‘current accounts’ in other countries). The average Canadian will spend a whopping $220 in fees each year.

With Tangerine, you can avoid these fees and save money in Canada. And because they’re a subsidiary of Scotiabank, you can still have free access to Scotiabank ATMs all over Canada. They’re great for newcomers to Canada who are looking to save money, and you can view their chequing account here.

Car sharing

If you’re looking to get around your new home city, car sharing is a great, affordable way to do it.

Car2go operate in cities across Canada. You can sign-up with them for free, and with our promo code, you can get a $6 credit applied straight to your new account!

Find out about our car2go promo code for Moving2Canada readers.


Looking to find short-term accommodation when you land? You’ll find the widest selection, and the best choice of prices, on Hostelworld.

Want to try Airbnb? Get over $30 discount on your first booking by clicking here.

Sending baggage

Most airlines will include one checked bag at no extra cost on long-haul flights. However, if you’re looking to bring extra clothes or belongings, or bulky items like skis, you should research your options for international shipping to Canada.

Moving2Canada has teamed up with Send My Bag to offer our readers an exclusive 5% discount. This will allow you save money in Canada or elsewhere by arranging international shipping at the cheapest rate. They can even pick up your belongings from your home.

For full details and information on restricted items, see Send My Bag’s Canada guide.


There’s a solid chance that you could be owed tax from your home country, or from your Canadian employment.

Taxback can do all the paperwork for you and help you claim back what you’re owed. And if you click on this special Moving2Canada link, you can get a 5% discount on their fees!

Need to earn before you save money in Canada?

Then it’s important to invest time and effort in your job search. Many newcomers don’t know how to communicate their achievements in a way that’s understood by Canadian employers.

We see lots of resumes that talk about duties, responsibilities, and projects candidates were “involved in”. Recruiters don’t need to know these things – they want to know how you were good at your job.

We can kick-start your job search in Canada by revising your resume. Click here for details of our pricing.

Find work in Canada

Explore our vacancies, and start earning money from the right job for you today!

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