Hurling in Vancouver

VIDEO: They’re playing hurling in Vancouver’s streets these days

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On St Patrick’s Day, we know the world loves the Irish. So there’s no better time of year to get a few friends together for a puck around on one of Vancouver’s busiest streets.

Nicky Roberts, Robert Dunphy, and Robert Mawe (from Carlow, Kilkenny and Cork respectively) got together at the weekend, to demonstrate hurling in Vancouver’s West Georgia Street.

It formed part of the city’s St Patrick’s Day parade during CelticFest 2016, and we salute the lads’ efforts to bring hurling to a new audience.

Video: Hurling in Vancouver

It’s the latest example of Canadians being won over by the amazing game of hurling.

Irish man David Wogan previously introduced locals the University of Toronto’s lacrosse team to hurling.

The players enjoyed it so much (and were so surprised you could you use your hands), further sessions were requested.

Meanwhile, last year’s inter-county senior championships were shown nationwide on Canadian sports broadcaster, Sportsnet.

The All-Ireland semi-final between Galway and Tipperary was widely praised as one of the greatest games of the modern era, and when Sportsnet broadcast it, Canadians lost their minds.

“Refs were invisible. Guys bodying each other after whistle. It was everything North American sports are petrified of,” wrote one local sports writer in Winnipeg who was watching the game.

There was also a lot of love for Marty Morrissey’s commentary, as you can see from all of these tweets.

Irish communities across Canada have created clubs where you can try hurling out for yourself – we encourage you to check them out. Have a look in our city guides for details of sports and recreation clubs in each of our featured locations.

Video above via Rory Coomey.

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