Canadians watch hurling

“What kind of physics is this?!” – Canadians watch hurling for the first time

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Priceless reactions as Canadians watch hurling for the first time.

Irish people around the globe know all about the beauty of Ireland’s national sports, but it’s easy to forget how impressive they actually are.

Luckily, we have people like David Wogan on hand, to record the reactions as a group of Canadians watch hurling for the first time.

David runs the Play Hurling website and YouTube channel.

“The goal of is to offer a platform for people to meetup to learn or to play hurling in a fun, casual environment,” he told Moving2Canada.

“People think hurling is really cool and are keen to find out more about it. People stop me on the street when I have my hurl in my hand and when I’m playing in a park to ask me about the sport.

“The majority of people know that it’s an Irish game, but assume that it’s only played in Ireland. But, hurling leagues have existed in North America for quite some time,” David explained.

For these Canadians however, this was the first exposure to the sport. Needless to say, they were impressed.

“It’s fascinating to hear people’s reactions to a sport they never knew existed. Most of them compared hurling to North American sports they’re familiar with, and there is some truth to that,” David explained.

It’s not the first time he’s helped Torontonians fall in love with hurling. Last year, he arranged a training session with lacrosse players. He recorded what happened when they played hurling for the first time.

As for this latest effort, David is impressed with their reactions.

“It really reinforces that there’s a great potential for hurling overseas and once North Americans discover hurling, that they love it,” David told us.

“My goal is to increase awareness of hurling in North America and grow the community beyond Irish shores. Since hurling is such an incredibly unique sport, I figured the best way to get Torontonians to fall in love with the sport is to simply show them a game,” he added.

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