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It’s not too late to file your Canadian tax return

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Could 10 be the magic number? Because you can file a Canadian tax return for any of the last 10 years, and claim your refunds!

If you heard the deadline to file your Canadian tax return was April 30th then this is correct. However, you can STILL file your tax return after this date. This also means that you can still get a tax refund after this date.

You can also go back 10 years for a refund so if you’ve worked in Canada during that time, it’s worth finding out if you overpaid tax at any stage.

The average refund customers get for Canadian tax refund is €904.

There are various reasons you may be due a tax refund, including:

  • You overpaid income tax
  • You overpaid in the Canadian Pension Plan
  • You overpaid Employer Insurance

Claiming expenses in your Canadian tax return

Canadian tax return expenses

You could be entitled to claim for certain expenses such as work or medical.

If you earned over the tax free allowance (for 2016 this figure is $11,474), then you may be able to claim on the cost of certain expenses such as your weekly/monthly transit passes, and qualifying medical expenses, etc.

Examples of other work expenses include transportation costs, electronic devices, accounting and legal fees.

There are two conditions to qualify:

1. Your employment contract requires you to pay the expenses

2. You don’t receive an allowance to pay the costs or if you do receive an allowance, your employer adds it to your total income.

Medical Expenses

You can claim medical expenses paid for yourself, your spouse or common-law partner and certain related persons (discussed below).

Generally, subject to the comments below for other dependants, total eligible medical expenses must first be reduced by 3% of your net income or $2,237, whichever is less.

Getting your tax back

It isn’t always easy to get your tax affairs in order, so if you need help, you can apply with a tax preparer like

The benefits of using include:

  • Paperless and hassle-free application
  • Free, no-obligation refund estimate if you’re not ready to commit
  • 24/7 online help
  • Tax accountants experienced offering refunds in over 13 countries
  • Online updates on your refund
  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • Can check for expenses and overpaid tax from the last 10 years

Get started with or find out more here.

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