Teaching Jobs in Canada

Teaching Jobs in Canada

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Note: Our Teaching Jobs in Canada article is written for Vancouver (British Columbia). However, the advice is applicable to all provinces in Canada.

Finding employment for teachers is very difficult in BC currently. Budgets cuts have seen schools receive limited funding. Many BC-based teachers are struggling to find work and often seeking work abroad. Overseas qualified teachers in BC don’t always get the same as Canadians.

To become certified for teaching jobs in Canada, you need to register and become accredited. This can be a slow process so best apply months before you arrive.

This link also provides some useful information for teachers coming from each country:

Independent school certification allows you to teach in private independent schools. It’s a quicker process and more likely not to have to take extra courses.

The two stages of schooling in North America are elementary school and high school.

English-language teaching jobs in Canada

Teaching English (TEFL) offers a great alternative to teachers that are struggling to find work as there is a high amount of English schools in Vancouver. See ESL / TEFL section for more information.

Newcomer to Canada?

You can also save yourself time and money by getting your travel insurance (which is mandatory for IEC visas) and resume arranged early. See our guides for more:

We also highly recommend you keep up-to-date with latest immigration developments. As anyone will tell you, changes happen regularly that can affect your move.

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