Work in Canada

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The process of finding work in Canada is quite formal, irrespective of whether the job is casual or professional. The job hunt can be a job in itself in that it takes networking, composing and revising your CV (or resume, as they call it in Canada) and cover letter to suit different job positions, employers, and professions in Canada β€” as well as lots of perseverance. If you are looking to find career-related work and not just casual hospitality or tourism work, which is more easily obtained, it is common for people to have to send several applications to potential employers before getting their first interview. Allow yourself 3-6 weeks, if not more, as companies will not always get back to you promptly.

WARNING: Your profession may require your foreign qualifications to be accredited in Canada. Professions such as Teaching, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Social Work, among others, usually require additional accreditation. This process can take up to six months so do your research and plan ahead.
List of regulation bodies for Professions & Trades across all Provinces

The recruitment process tends to be very slow moving and trying to find work through a recruiter doesn’t necessarily mean it will expedite the job hunting process. Finding work can take up to two months so it’s best to start the process as early as possible, even before your departure.

Sign up to LinkedIn as recruiters and employers all use this social media website for sourcing candidates to work in Canada. Be prepared to attend networking events to make connections that will assist your job hunt. We have connections established through contacts at many companies across various sectors, so maybe we can refer you and help you get that all-important interview.

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