Childcare Jobs in Canada

Thanks to Kate Santacaterina for preparing this useful information for those interested in working in childcare jobs in Canada.

Note: This Article is written for Vancouver, British Columbia, but the advice is applicable to all provinces in Canada.

Early Childhood Educator (ECE)/Assistant

To become an early childhood educator or early childhood educator assistant you need to register with the ministry of children and families. All relevant information can be found at the following website: They require applicants to have a BC registered ECE (or equivalent from another Canadian province) to vouch for you having 500 hours ‘work experience’ with preschool-aged children, and may ask for an ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) report in order to convert qualifications from other countries. If you’ve found a good centre that really wants to put the time into taking you on full-time they might help pay for some of this, though it’s not common.

Another helpful organization is ECEBC: They are good at answering questions and supporting ECEs, though they cannot help you with any Ministry-related problems. There is a Job Board on this site for ECE-related work.
A quick place to find a list of all of the day cares in your area is by contacting the west coast child care resource centre:


If you are looking for work as a child minder or nanny then the two websites below should help you find a family: