Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Since March 2011, we have been providing support to newcomers and those hoping to make their move to Canada.

Downloading the Moving2Canada Getting Started Guide should be your crucial first step, so please ensure your consult this comprehensive document.

Before contacting our team, we also recommend that you browse through these frequently asked questions to see if an immediate solution is available.

Not sure how to navigate our website? Did you know our website has a search functionality where you can find relevant articles for a specific search term? You can find the search tool under the Join our Network box at the top right of this page (or further down the page on mobile)


How can Moving2Canada help me?

Moving2Canada is a self-service information website aimed at assisting you on all aspects of planning your move to Canada.

Our goal is to help people through impartial information that addresses key issues to help you with your move. We provide detailed resources on immigration to Canada, finding employment in Canada, and other useful information. We encourage you to digest this information carefully.

Due to the high volume of queries we receive, we are unable to offer one-on-one support in most cases.


How can I immigrate to Canada? How do I get a visa?

Moving2Canada offers abundant resources to help you research how to immigrate to Canada. Ensure you visit the Immigration section of our website and use the “Come to Canada” wizard from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to assess your options.

You can then research all the available immigration programs on our website or visit the CIC website. We are not professional immigration consultants, so we do not provide one-on-one advice to people in this area of planning their move to Canada. You can find one-on-one advice on our Canada immigration advice page.


How do I apply for the IEC Working Holiday visa?

Visit our IEC Working Holiday Visa section and navigate to the IEC website for your jurisdiction. It displays requirements, available quotas and FAQs. We provide additional resources to help you in our IEC Visa FAQ article.

Note: The IEC application process changes frequently and we highly recommend that you follow Moving2Canada on social media (see top right of your screen) and Join our Network to receive email updates on IEC programs.


I need professional immigration assistance. Can you recommend an immigration expert to help me move to Canada?

Yes, see our Immigration Advice page where we have listed some recommended providers. Many consultants will offer free initial consultations so you do not always need to pay for advice. They will charge a fee if you wish to proceed and have them prepare and submit paperwork on your behalf. We encourage you to shop around and ensure you do your research on immigration issues before engaging with any immigration professional.


Can you find me a job in Canada?

We can help everyone improve their job skills through adapting their resume and cover letters, as well as learning networking skills to suit the Canadian market. Visit our Work in Canada section and review all the available information.

We do offer recruitment services for the construction and engineering sectors. If you have experience working in these sectors, you can visit out Outpost Recruitment agency for more. All of our open positions are clearly listed on the Outpost website. We are not in a position to directly assist everyone, but we try to help where possible.



What kind of recruitment services do you offer to construction and engineering candidates?

Moving2Canada Recruitment is now called Outpost Recruitment. Learn more about the name change, and visit Outpost Recruitment for job postings.

We work with a number of Canadian general contractors, subcontractors and engineering consultancies to help them source talented international workers.

Our clients (companies) pay us a fee to supply them strong candidates and we never charge a fee to the candidate (job seeker) to find them a job.

The assistance we provide to a candidate is limited to the demand for labour in the area, so we are not in a position to find a job for every candidate who contacts us.


Should candidates wishing to immigrate pay a fee for recruitment services?

No, it is illegal in Canada to charge fees to candidates. Please ensure that you do not pay any employment agency a fee to find you a job.

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