Immigrate to Canada – Latest IEC 2017 updates

Immigrate to Canada – Latest IEC 2017 updates

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Looking to immigrate to Canada in 2017? You’ll find the latest facts and figures about IEC working holiday visas on this page.

Want more information about the application process, and to find out how you can immigrate to Canada? See our Working Holiday Visa in Canada guide.


Each week, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (still sometimes referred to as Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or CIC) releases updated figures about the number of visas available.

If you’re waiting for word back about your application, this page will give you a snapshot of how many visas remain available in your pool.

Latest invitation figures.

Updated March 27, 2017.

No invites are being sent to candidates this coming week.

It follows confirmation by immigration authorities on the IEC website. Invites are expected to resume on April 3.

Latest UK update.

If you’re from the UK, there are slim hopes of getting an IEC visa in 2017 if you haven’t received one already. Of the 5,000 visas allocated this year, just 755 are still available. However, 5,011 eligible candidates are already in the pool, hoping to receive an invite for one of the 755 visas.

If you’re still interested in applying, it’s worth a shot as candidates are selected from the pool at random. Learn about the next steps in our Working Holiday Visa in Canada guide. You can also discuss the application process with others in the pool in our IEC forum on Facebook.

Why does the UK get so few visas?

With a population of almost 65 million, the UK is allocated 5,000 IEC visas. Ireland’s population is 4.5 million, and they receive 10,700. Why is this the case?

The IEC is a reciprocal program. In order for each country to receive their allocation of Canadian visas, they must first agree to offer an identical number of visas so Canadians can enter their country.

Ireland received as few as 2,500 visas in 2009, but positive agreements between the Irish and Canadian governments mean this number has soared in recent years. Currently, 10,700 visas are made available.

This agreement was only made possible because Ireland agreed to offer 10,700 visas to young Canadians each year.

In order for the UK to receive additional IEC visas, it too would need to be willing to open its doors to a greater number of Canadians each year.

PoolQuotaInvitations to date Spots availableEligible candidates in poolFinal roundChances of invite in next round
UK – WH5,0007,331 (+2)755 (+11)5,011 (+273)TBAVery Low
Ireland – WH7,7005,418 (+1)4,826 (+5)1,590 (+163)TBAVery Low
Ireland – YP2,500176 (+30)2,477 (-8)12 (-16)TBAVery Low
Ireland – IC50037 (+1)486 (+1)0 (-1)TBAVery Low
Australia – WHUnlimited4,956 (+1)Unlimited1,699 (+290)TBAVery Low
Australia – YPUnlimited260 (+9)Unlimited11 (+5)TBAVery Low
Australia – ICUnlimited24 (+2)Unlimited0 (-2)TBAVery Low
New Zealand – WH2,5001,341 (+1)1,748 (+6)443 (+73)TBAVery Low
Germany – WH4,2004,383 (+1)1,377 (+8)974 (+129)TBAVery Low
Germany – YP400392 (+26)224 (-12)18 (+1)TBAVery Low
Germany – IC400217 (+8)290 (-4)5 (-1)TBAVery Low

In the above table:

  • Figures were last updated on March 27, 2017. New figures from now on will be published each Monday.
  • Numbers in brackets denote change in the past week (since March 20). If no brackets appear, then number is unchanged.
  • ‘WH’ denotes ‘Working Holiday’.
  • ‘YP’ denotes ‘Young Professional’.
  • ‘IC’ denotes ‘International Co-Op’.
  • First rounds of invitations for the UK, Ireland, and Australia took place between November 28 and December 3, 2016. First round for New Zealand and Germany was between December 12 and December 17, 2016.

Applicants from 30 countries can now immigrate to Canada on an IEC visa. Those countries are:

ChileCosta RicaCroatia
Czech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
Hong KongIrelandItaly
LithuaniaNetherlandsNew Zealand

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Don’t forget! You can get case-specific help and guidance to immigrate to Canada in our IEC forum on Facebook.

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