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My Vancouver: Siobhán Condon

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Siobh Profile 5In the fifth installment of her My Vancouver series, Siobhán turns the spotlight towards her own life in Vancouver.


1. Why did you move to Canada?

I was working with an Arts Organisation in Dublin for a few years, but budgets were being cut and I was working more but getting paid less. It was time to move. My boyfriend had been offered a job here in Vancouver so it all seemed to make sense at the time.

2. How long have you lived in Vancouver?

I moved here late July 2012 and what a beautiful time to arrive. Summer was in full swing.

3. What are your three favourite things about Vancouver?

  • It may sound lame but I love the fact that everyone recycles here.
  • It has four distinct seasons.
  • The accessibly of the beautiful surrounding mountains and ocean.

4. Why did you choose to live in the neighbourhood that you are living in now?

I live in Dunbar right now. It’s close to the city centre, Jericho beach and Stongs supermarket.

5. One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver?

The cost of everything. Pretty much everything is over-priced, especially the wine and cheese!

6. What is your favourite  bar /cafe in the city?

My favourite cafe would have to be Nelson the Seagull in Gastown. It’s seriously got the best bread in the city. My favourite place for coffee in the city is in Prado Cafe on Commercial Drive. I have not found a bar that I love yet — that is proving more difficult.

7. What is the best tourist spot to visit in BC?

The Vancouver Art Gallery. Everyone should go and look at Emily Carr’s work.

8. What was the last out of town trip that you really enjoyed?

Any trip I have made to Seattle has been great, especially when I went to the Capitol Hill Block Party during the summer.

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9. Is Vancouver home?

For now it is, I’m happy, I have good friends and I enjoy life here. Long term, I still feel Ireland is my true home. Ireland just has that certain something that I don’t think anywhere is the world could match.

10. What super power would you most like to be gifted with?

The ability to robot dance really well.


Next Saturday, Siobhán poses 10 questions to Sheri Molnar, who gives a Canadians’s insight into the city. Don’t forget to check out part VI of Siobhán’s My Vancouver series!


Siobhán likes the simple pleasures in life: coffee, a good film and a leisurely bike ride. She currently works for the Reel 2 Real Film Festival in Vancouver. She tweets all things Short Film related for Kids here — Kids Short Films

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