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At Moving2Canada, we’re constantly striving to improve our services and make your move to Canada as enjoyable and exciting as possible. We want people to achieve success in Canada, and we measure success in terms of settling in, employment and lifestyle. Our old website served a purpose, but we wanted to ensure that our online presence was as good as it can possibly be so that we can help you — employers and employees wanting to live and work in Canada. The following list highlights 10 of the exciting new features on If you have any suggestions or comments, please note them in the comments section below. Enjoy!

— Hugo (Editor)


Canadian-Experience-Class1. The Getting Started Success Program

This 13-page document has been put together by immigrants, for immigrants. Available for free on our homepage, the Getting Started guide breaks down the process of moving to Canada and finding employment using clear language and proven strategies that work. The guide focuses on helping migrants answer three basic, yet fundamental, questions:

  • How do I start the immigration process?
  • How do I find a job in Canada?
  • Which province or city would be best for me?

The Getting Started guide provides clarity, food for thought, and comprehensive answers to common questions — and it’s our gift to you.


Electrical Jobs in Canada2. Outpost Recruitment

We wanted to make it more apparent to users that we offer services that go beyond an information resource. In mid-2013, we became a registered recruitment agency, with particular emphasis on the engineering and construction sectors across Western Canada.

The new website reflects this, with recruitment taking pride of place on our homepage. If you’re a skilled worker looking to work in these sectors in Canada, our Outpost Recruitment agency may be able to help make your Canadian dream a reality.

Moving2Canada Recruitment is now called Outpost Recruitment, which finds great jobs in Canada for suitable candidates. Since 2012, we’ve helped people get work across civil, infrastructure, and buildings projects.

Learn more about the change, and visit Outpost Recruitment for job postings.


Canada2012-06423. Expanded blog section

What would a website for newcomers to Canada be without the voices of those recent arrivals who are living and breathing Canada today? Our expanded blog section gathers the thoughts, words, photographs and videos of an eclectic mix of contributors, each of whom tells a Canadian story that is unique, challenging and enticing. If you want to join them, see our Write For Us page and email!


family-class4. New immigration articles

Immigration is a constantly evolving phenomenon, with programs being changed or introduced all the time by the government of Canada. This is reflected in our more detailed immigration section and an increased focus on migration issues in our blog section. You will now find clear and comprehensive articles on all the major immigration programs, including new articles on the Bridging Visa, Labour Market Opinion, and Family Class. It’s now easier to get access to all the information you need and identify which program is right for you.


5. Responsive design

Photo: Stéphanie Walter (

Image: Stéphanie Walter (

This website is built for use across multiple platforms, so whether you’re browsing on your phone, on a tablet, or on a laptop or desktop, the site will automatically react to the device being used and its screen coordinates. If you scroll down or shrink or stretch the window, the drop-down menus at the top will react accordingly, allowing you easy access to all sections and articles at all times. Ease of navigation was one of our key concerns when putting this site together, which brings us neatly on to . . .


library6. Search functionality

Want to see articles about Vancouver, IEC visas, banking or engineering? Simply use the search bar in the top right on each page. Type in the relevant word and the site will do all the work for you — no need to trawl through various sections looking for the information you’re looking for. It’s like when you enter a library and know where to go rather than wandering around wasting time; we want you to have access to the material you desire as simply and as quickly as possible.


Networking-in-Canada7. Focus on jobs and job seeking

Over the past couple of years we’ve watched thousands of people succeed after learning about doing things the Canadian way, but we’ve also seen people fail to make the most of their Canadian experience because they don’t adapt their job seeking strategies for the professional Canadian market. We take great pleasure in seeing newcomers to Canada succeed, and we don’t like to see anyone fail. As a result, we’ve compiled articles on networking, the informational interview, and writing a Canadian resume and cover letter. You will also notice an increased focus on jobs and job seeking in our social media updates and newsletters. Building and maintaining a discussion on strategies that work is important to us.


1-Rendering-of-Toronto-Skyline8. More detailed city sections

Our city pages rank among the most popular on the site, so we decided to make them better. You will now find links to events calendars in each ‘Living in . . .’ city page, and Vancouver has an events calendar all of its own. As the Moving2Canada community grows, we’ve added more links to other pages and sites that may help you settle in your adopted home. Finally, with much of our network originating from the United Kingdom, we have added British sections for each city. Speaking of which . . .


Flag (1)9. British in Canada & Irish in Canada sections

The British in Canada and Irish in Canada pages were compiled because people from these nations form a large component of our network. Britons and Irish men and women have rightfully gained a huge amount of respect from Canadians for their professional attitude, willingness to adapt, and not to mention a certain joie de vivre that allows them to integrate into and form a part of the Canadian way of life. They are also experts at networking and welcoming their fellow citizens to Canada. With this in mind, we aggregated all the relevant links into these pages.


m2c-square10. The Moving2Canada newsletter

We want to keep in touch with you and offer the latest updates on everything relating to immigration, employment and lifestyle in Canada. That’s why we’ve started the Moving2Canada newsletter, a monthly sign-up bulletin sent directly to your inbox. Join our network today and start receiving the Moving2Canada newsletter!


We would love to receive your feedback on the website, so use the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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